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Easy Read Overlay Explained

Easy Read is designed to help people with Dyslexia to read more easily. After lots of research and first hand experience I discovered that colour overlays significantly help people with dyslexia with their reading; once an overlay is applied to text, the words on the page become less muddled. Easy Read will help children during their school years and beyond, to give them confidence and the ability to read more easily.

Easy Read dyslexia coloured overlays come in a variety of colours; red, yellow, blue, pink and green. Every person has a preferred colour which is the most effective in helping them to read. 70% of dyslexic people find yellow the most useful colour, myself included. Easy Read is sold as individual colours or as a set.  We recommend the 5 colour sets for teachers, tutors or to families with multiple children. Having a full set means that it is possible to try all the colours to see which works the best for you.

How do I know what colour will work best?

Each person will have a colour that works best for them.  There is an online test where you can find out which colour works best for you.  Alternatively, you can consult a professional.

How big is the product?

The Easy Read dyslexia coloured overlays are perfect for days out, such as reading menus.

The product is 15cm long and 9cm wide, and comes in variety of different colours so it can help a wide variety of people. The product is made of plastic, and is small so that a children can take the product anywhere and use it all the time.  Easy Read individual overlays come on a retractable keyring which be attached to a bags or belts and then easily pulled out over the text.

How does the overlay help?

Colour overlays significantly help people with dyslexia read better, this is because once the overlay is applied, the words on the page become less muddled or clearer.

You simply place the overlay over the text that the person is struggling to read, this could be homework or even a book in bed. The Easy Read overlay helps the words line up and become less muddled.

What is the difference between the sets and individual products?

The main difference between the two products is that the set is made up of all 5 colours. The individual product is on a retractable keyring and the sets are not. The sets are recommended for teachers, tutors or to families with multiple children.

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