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What is Easy Read?

Easy Read is a dyslexia reading aid that can help people who have dyslexia to improve their reading ability.  Placing a coloured filter over text helps people who struggle to see words clearly on a page, to read more easily.   Our Easy Read is a simple, effective and portable tool which helps to make text easier to read.

How can Easy Read help?

Easy Read is designed to take the stress away from reading.  Children who struggle to read may feel at a disadvantage in the classroom or lack confidence when asked to read out loud in front of their friends.  Easy Read can help to put people at ease and allow them to read comfortably.

Raising Awareness around Dyslexia

Easy Read as well as having a dyslexia reading aid, also wants to help to raise awareness around Dyslexia.  Not everyone sees words in the same way, and some people might need more support to enjoy reading.  We want to make sure that that message is loud and clear……and very easy to read!

Easy Read Coloured Overlays

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Easy Read is a coloured piece of plastic film which is easy to wipe clean. The individual ones have a rectractable keyring at one end so they can easily be attached to a belt or rucksack making them always on hand. Easy Read is available in 5 different colours as different children benefit from different colours, or can be purchased as a set of five.

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