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About us

Easy Read is a business that I created from a problem of my own and suffered with through the school years of my life. Already in the early stages of building my business I have already been recognised and have won an award, National Entrepreneur of the year 2019, this competition was run by Peter Jones.

Easy Read not only wants to help children read with ease we also want to help raise awarness for the learning disability. Easy Read was created in June 2019 and since then the business has been coming on leaps and bounds. We are a small business looking to help a large number of children.

After lots of research and first hand experience I discovered that colour significantly helps people with dyslexia read better, this is because the words on the page become un muddled and clearer. Easy Read will help children during the school years and beyond to give them confidence and the ability to read the words more clearly.


Easy Read Explained

This video will give you a better understanding of what is Easy Read is and how the product is made. The video will tell you about the history and background of Easy Read.

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